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Investing the Building Research Levy

BRANZ invests the Building Research Levy in industry good research and knowledge transfer. At the heart of our investment decisions is our commitment to lifting the performance of Aotearoa New Zealand's building system so it can deliver better outcomes for all.

Identifying research priorities for investment

Working closely with industry groups, councils and central government, BRANZ identifies and refines research priorities for Building Research Levy investment.

Read about how we identify information needs in the building sector.

BRANZ research portfolio

The BRANZ research portfolio consists of research activities conducted by BRANZ research teams and external research agencies.

It comprises seven key research areas:

  • Low-carbon
  • Quality and performance of homes and buildings
  • Resilience of the built environment
  • Vibrant industry
  • Thriving cities, regions and communities
  • Meeting Aotearoa New Zealand's population needs
  • Housing affordability.

Find out more about the BRANZ research portfolio

Investment portfolio statement

Information gathered from industry groups informs our investment signals, which are published annually in the Building Research Levy investment portfolio statement. 

This document signals BRANZ's priorities for research in 2023/24 priorities for research.

The Building Research Levy investment portfolio statement from the previous year is available here.

BRANZ Inc. as steward of the Levy

BRANZ Inc. is the steward of the Building Research Levy and invests the Levy through a range of mechanisms which include:

  • Work initiated and contracted with BRANZ Ltd (this can include sub-contracts with external providers);
  • Work initiated and contracted with external providers (this can include sub-contracts with BRANZ Ltd);
  • Scholarships to support the next generation of researchers and help support tertiary capability elsewhere in New Zealand;
  • Strategic initiatives that invest in significant activities above and beyond BRANZ’s baseline of research investment; and
  • Agile investments that are able to respond to urgent industry issues or take advantage of opportunities that may emerge outside of programmed investment rounds.

Funding for external research providers

Building Research Levy is allocated to research programmes and stand-alone work undertaken by universities, Crown research institutes (CRIs) and independent research providers. These include:


Our annual publication RE:INVEST (formerly Levy in Action) details the latest Building Research Levy investments.

Previous RE:INVEST and Levy in Action documents are available here.