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Identifying building system needs

BRANZ identifies emerging information needs through surveys and by engaging with industry groups, government agencies and the research community. We then prioritise our work based on these needs.

Industry needs survey

BRANZ has carried out a nationwide industry needs survey for over 20 years. The aim is to understand areas where information and research might be required.

The survey is distributed about every 2 years and asks respondents about:

  • key research and information needs
  • preferred communication channels to receive information.

2022 industry insights report

Identifying sector needs - 2022 [PDF, 1.2MB]

Previous industry needs surveys

To request information about industry needs surveys conducted from 2008 to 2019, email

Working with industry, government and the wider building system

In addition to the industry needs survey, BRANZ gets a comprehensive view of the issues affecting the building industry by working with:

  • industry groups
  • government agencies
  • building research providers.

We also monitor trends in the international building community. Input from these groups helps to inform our investment priorities.

Construction Sector Accord

The introduction of the Construction Sector Accord in 2019 was an important milestone. It marked a shared commitment between government and industry to transform the sector. BRANZ is committed to working closely with the Construction Sector Accord team.