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Assurance Services

BRANZ Assurance Services specialise in providing independent and impartial third-party BRANZ Appraisal and CodeMark certifications. These technical opinions act as supporting evidence of compliance with the New Zealand or Australian Building Codes.

What we do

Our Assurance Services team includes building scientists, engineers, subject matter experts and quality auditors who rigorously evaluate building products and systems and their supporting testing, quality control, technical literature and installations for conformity with requirements.

BRANZ Appraisal and CodeMark certifications are supported by a high-quality reputation with more than 40 years of experience providing building product appraisals to the marketplace.

BRANZ Assurance Services have more than 500 current BRANZ Appraisals in the marketplace that are continuously verified through annual reviews to ensure ongoing validity.

Clients of Assurance Services will be assigned a project manager to guide them through the project and provide options where available and coordinate any associated BRANZ testing required as part of the assessment project.

We can also undertake initial assessments for more innovative products that are seeking to understand their compliance requirements, which can either lead to a BRANZ Appraisal or CodeMark or provide insight into the compliance pathway options for the specific system and identify areas that need to be addressed through further evidence such as testing or evaluation.

Why work with us?

BRANZ Assurance Services is accredited by JASANZ as a product certification body for the CodeMark New Zealand and Australian schemes.

We operate a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 and have current accreditation from Telarc.

We are also a member of the World Federation of Technical Assessments Organisations (WFTAO) - a worldwide network for coordinating and facilitating the technical assessment of innovation in the construction field.

BRANZ test reports are recognised through the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) mutual recognition agreement as the equivalent of test reports issued by laboratories accredited by 68 bodies around the world.

BRANZ is accredited by International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) to the ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory standard for our mechanical testing and applied physics testing laboratories.

Our compliance services

BRANZ Appraisal

A BRANZ Appraisal provides confidence for consumers, building specifiers, regulatory bodies and building consent authorities that a product or building system is fit for purpose and meets Building Code performance requirements. Building officials may refer to it during the design, building and consent process.


We offer the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and Australian Building Code Board (ABCB) product certification scheme CodeMark. This certification may prove to be a valuable addition to an existing BRANZ Appraisal for many companies.

Once a product or system has been awarded the BRANZ Appraisal or CodeMark certification, our team will carry out annual revalidation, audits and assessments to monitor product quality and performance. This assures existing certificates are valid, consequently providing end-to-end product assurance for consumers.

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Updated: 16 October 2023