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Keep up with the latest from BRANZ. Our media releases highlight industry developments, exciting announcements and our most important scientific achievements as they happen.

BRANZ submission for Science System Advisory Group – Phase 1 – 21 May 2024
Download release [PDF, 288KB]

ConCOVE Tūhura to lead UNESCO construction training expert group – 24 April 2024
Download release [PDF, 1,076KB]

BRANZ Submission to Review of the Building Consent System Options paper – 23 August 2023
Download release [PDF, 156KB]

New Chief Executive for BRANZ - Claire Falck – 14 August 2023
Download release [PDF, 1,256KB]

BRANZ Submission to the Climate Change Commission on their 2023 Draft advice to inform the strategic direction of the Government’s second emissions reduction plan. – 23 June 2023
Download release [PDF, 579KB]

BRANZ Submission on Building Levy Review discussion paper – 29 May 2023
Download release [PDF, 1,107KB]

BRANZ Submission on the Energy Hardship Expert Panel’s discussion paper – 2 May 2023
Download release [PDF, 432KB]

Thorough drying out is top priority before repairing flood-damaged homes – BRANZ - 8 February 2023
Download release [PDF, 137KB]

BRANZ announces Chief Executive resignation - 11 January 2023
Download release [PDF, 118KB]

BRANZ Submission Proposed CodeMark mark of conformity transition period - 15 December 2022
Submission document [PDF, 555 KB]

BRANZ Submission on Taxation (annual Rates for 2022-23, Platform Economy, and Remedial Matters) Bill (No. 2) - 27 October 2022
Submission document [PDF, 555 KB]

BRANZ Submission on Review of Consent System - 18 September 2022
Submission document [PDF, 600 KB]

BRANZ Submission on Residential building supplies market study Draft report - 1 September 2022
Submission document [PDF, 1,456 KB]

Alister Lawrence appointed to BRANZ Board - 25 August 2022
Download release [PDF, 114KB]

National construction pipeline report 2022 - 15 August 2022
Download report [PDF, 1,727KB]
Download guide [PDF, 268KB]

Kiwi households better placed to meet energy needs thanks to in-home energy advice - 2 August 2022
Download release [PDF, 157KB]

BRANZ submission to the 2022 Building Code update - 5 July 2022
Consultation paper [PDF, 1,162KB]

BRANZ submission on Building Code update 2022: Transition period for the energy efficiency of housing - 16 June 2022
Consultation paper [PDF, 386KB]

BRANZ submission on Kia urutau, kia ora: Kia āhuarangi rite a Aotearoa / Adapt and thrive: Building a climate resilient New Zealand – Draft National Adaptation Plan - 3 June 2022
Consultation paper [PDF, 411KB]

BRANZ submission on proposals for CodeMark scheme rules - 24 May 2022
Consultation paper [PDF, 1,618KB]

Dr Erica Seville appointed to BRANZ Board - 23 May 2022
Download release [PDF, 112KB]

New research centre aims to help reduce risk of Covid-19 transmission indoors - 12 April 2022
Download release [PDF, 127KB]

BRANZ's submission on Te Ara Paerangi Future Pathways Green Paper - 16 March 2022
Consultation paper [PDF, 501KB]

BRANZ's submission to Defining Energy Hardship - 20 December 2021
Consultation paper [PDF, 165KB]

National construction pipeline report 2021 - 6 December 2021
Download report [PDF, 1,589KB]
Download guide [PDF, 225KB]

BRANZ's submission on Te hau mārohi ki anamata Transitioning to a low-emissions and climate-resilient future consultation - 26 November 2021
Consultation paper [PDF, 453KB]

New decision-making framework for earthquake-prone council buildings - 12 November 2021
Download release [PDF, 157KB]

BRANZ study reveals higher rates of suicide in construction industry than previously thought - 28 October 2021

Download release [PDF, 76KB]
Link to research report [PDF, 10,643KB]
MATES in Construction infographic

A changing of the guard for BRANZ: new Board Chair announced - 2 September 2021
Download release [PDF, 121KB]

Mike Sang appointed to BRANZ Board - 20 August 2021
Download release [PDF, 120KB]

New study into household energy use in New Zealand - 3 August 2021
Download release [PDF, 155KB]

BRANZ's submission to GPS-HUD consultation - 30 July May 2021
Consultation paper [PDF, 355KB]

BRANZ's submission to the Building Code update 2021 consultation - 31 May 2021
Building Code: Energy efficiency for housing and small buildings [PDF, 442KB]
Building Code: proposal 2 through to 7 [PDF, 857KB]

Children "scientists" in world-first study looking at health and indoor climate - 25 May 2021
Download release [PDF, 381KB]
Link to the research report

BRANZ delivering low carbon solutions for New Zealand buildings - 8 December 2020
Download release [PDF, 188KB]

National construction pipeline report 2020 - 6 December 2020
Download report [PDF, 1,589KB]

How SIPs might help build NZ's future - 1 October 2020
Download release [PDF, 343KB]

Dr Lisbeth Jacobs appointed to BRANZ Board - 20 August 2020
Download release [PDF, 214KB]

Keeping your home healthy in lockdown and beyond - 12 May 2020
Download release [PDF, 214KB]
Download healthy home tips [PDF, 1,277KB]

BRANZ announced as finalist in 2020 New Zealand Hi-Tech awards - 8 April 2020
Download release [PDF, 159KB]

Hillside foundations get a shake-up in cutting-edge testing - 22 January 2020
Download release [PDF, 123KB]

Changes to Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities National Science Challenge governance group enhance commitment to te Tiriti o Waitangi in key national research - 12 November 2019
Download report [PDF, 119KB]

National construction pipeline report 2019 - 4 September 2019
Download report [PDF, 1,259KB]

ArchEngBuild - 15 July 2019
Download release [PDF, 123KB]

BRANZ architectural scholar profiled in 2018 NZIA Student Design Awards - 6 December 2018
Download release [PDF, 148KB]

BRANZ welcomes funding for future of New Zealand housing - 21 November 2018
Download release [PDF, 148KB]

Mental health in the construction industry - 25 September 2018
Download release [PDF, 137KB]

BRANZ reappoints Group Board of Directors - 3 August 2018
Download advisory [PDF, 118KB]

National construction pipeline report 2018 - 30 July 2018
Download report [PDF, 1,265KB]
Download guide [PDF, 393KB]

ArchEngBuild 2018 - 16 July 2018
Download release [PDF, 240KB]

National construction pipeline report 2017 - 6 August 2017
Download report [PDF, 1,656KB]

House Condition Survey highlights - 2 August 2017
Download release [PDF, 240KB]

Future demand for construction workers - 1 July 2017
Download release [PDF, 2,240KB]

House Condition Survey - 26 April 2017
Download release [PDF, 240KB]