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Type tests and technical opinions

BRANZ type test and technical opinion services suit products that don't require the full rigour of a BRANZ Appraisal or CodeMark. They can be used to demonstrate compliance with a specific Standard or requirement of the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC).

Type tests

Type tests can be carried out against published criteria, such as a New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) referenced Standard, or other robust criteria that have been (or can be) developed.

Type tests are also available against a single NZBC performance requirement. An example is for establishing Group Numbers for lining materials in accordance with ISO 9705 and ISO 5660 Parts 1 and 2.

A full BRANZ Type test report will be provided, which you may publish on your own website. The Type test report is supplied with a summary which you may publish.

The summary can also be listed on the BRANZ website. It is entered into a searchable listing of tested products and systems and allows for independent verification of performance claims.

Technical opinions

Technical opinions are engineering-based evaluations of the performance a material, product or system is expected to achieve if it were tested. They will usually relate to a specific test Standard or to a single NZBC clause, and are a cost-effective alternative to full testing.

For example, a Technical opinion could provide an assessment of the likely performance of a product range based on a full test of a representative sample. Or it could assess the performance of specimens for which testing is not possible due to size or configuration.

You may publish a BRANZ Technical opinion report on your own website and/or a summary of it can be listed on the BRANZ website.

Type test and Technical opinion report

You can disclose your product report to design teams, builders and building consent authorities for compliance with the NZBC.

You can also publish the report if you wish to publicise that third-party independent testing or assessment has been carried out on a specific product.

Report summary

Every Type test and Technical opinion is supplied with a summary document that provides a succinct description of the report subject and results. This too can be published and disclosed to demonstrate compliance with the NZBC. In addition, the summary can be entered into an independent listing on the BRANZ website.

This listing allows those who receive the reports to verify the results. It also provides the market with access to a searchable listing of products and their tested or assessed performances.


Type tests and Technical opinions may be carried out as part of a BRANZ Appraisal or CodeMark certification process, if required to support the technical literature.

To find out about options for a BRANZ Type test or Technical opinion for your product, contact us by: