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A BRANZ Appraisal is a robust, in-depth and independent evaluation of a building product or system to assess whether it is fit for purpose and meets Building Code performance requirements.

Benefits for specifiers and approvers

A BRANZ Appraisal gives confidence about the building product or system to building specifiers, regulatory bodies, building officials and building consent authorities. They can be confident that the product has been subjected to in-depth and rigorous examination by an independent, trusted organisation.

BRANZ Appraisals are commonly accepted by approving authorities in New Zealand and Australia as evidence for Building Code performance requirements.

Benefits for Appraisal holders

For manufacturers, importers and suppliers, getting a BRANZ Appraisal for a new product or system facilitates faster acceptance in the marketplace. Appraisals can be used as a marketing tool because they are trusted within the building and construction industry and by approving authorities.

Find out more about Appraisals

These pages provide more information:

Your product or system may be better suited to BRANZ CodeMark certification, or perhaps a BRANZ technical opinion or type test would provide all that you require for your product.

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Appraisal updates

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