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The BRANZ vision is to challenge Aotearoa New Zealand to create a building system that delivers better outcomes for all.

A multi-faceted, science-led organisation, BRANZ uses independent research, systems knowledge and its broad networks to identify practical solutions that improve New Zealand’s building system performance.

BRANZ is driven by the knowledge that, to thrive as a society, New Zealanders need a built environment that is safe and healthy and performs well.

BRANZ cultivates strong relationships with industry, government and building users through collaboration and facilitating the sharing of insights, opportunities and ideas. These relationships underpin the range and depth of BRANZ’s knowledge and ability to understand the linkages and interactions that influence the building system. This uniquely broad perspective not only influences BRANZ’s research but also its commercial services.

BRANZ undertakes and commissions research, funded by the Building Research Levy, that is practical and drives positive change. This work helps improve industry practices around the performance of buildings and how we use them through to informing policy and legislation and all points in between.

BRANZ also contributes practical improvements in the New Zealand built environment through independent product testing, assurance and consultancy services. Evidence-based advice is available at all phases of the product life cycle from preliminary R&D and standards compliance through to verifying end-use product performance. A BRANZ assessment is universally trusted, providing assurance that the product does what the manufacturer says it will do.

BRANZ performs a unique leadership role among building system players. We facilitate challenging conversations and work with system players to address the pain points in the building system.

BRANZ is committed to lifting the performance of the building system in New Zealand so it can deliver better outcomes for all. This commitment underpins everything BRANZ does. It guides our investment of the Building Research Levy and drives strategic leadership initiatives such as the development of Artisan.

Transforming New Zealand's building and construction sector is a challenging and long-term game. We support sector-wide initiatives to improve the performance of the building industry wherever we see them take hold across the system. One such leading example is the Construction Sector Accord.

Our research

BRANZ, along with other research organisations, carries out research to better understand the issues affecting New Zealand's building and construction sector. We are constantly challenging ourselves to find new and better ways to turn our research findings into practical and useful applied knowledge.

When BRANZ commissions research, we insist it focuses on how it will make a difference to people throughout the building system. We want to encourage the industry to keep the continually changing needs of New Zealand communities at the heart of their decision making. 

BRANZ Incorporated

BRANZ Incorporated (BRANZ Inc) is an investor in industry-good research and knowledge transfer to the wider building and construction industry.

A core responsibility of BRANZ is effective stewardship of the Building Research Levy. This demands robust decision-making processes, a commitment to transparency and disciplined management of the Levy investments.

BRANZ Limited

BRANZ Limited (BRANZ Ltd) is a wholly owned subsidiary of BRANZ Inc. It is an independent and impartial research, testing, consulting and information company providing services and resources for the building system.

Its main areas of activity are:

  • carrying out industry-good research
  • investigating the design and construction of buildings that impact the built environment in New Zealand
  • disseminating actionable, accessible knowledge from the research community to building and construction practitioners
  • conducting consultancy services to help commercial clients achieve long-term benefits.

BRANZ Ltd science and research is aimed at understanding how buildings work and what needs to improve. Much of its work feeds into the Building Code and standards or changes in industry practice.