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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is about using the least possible energy to perform a task. Reducing energy loss and using passive design elements such as effective house orientation, glazing and insulation can make homes warmer, healthier and cheaper to run.

Energy efficiency is at the heart of sustainable building. Passive design and reducing energy loss can help lessen environmental impact and is key to progressing towards a net-zero carbon economy.

See Environment and zero-carbon research for the work BRANZ does in this area.

Resources and tools

Findings from BRANZ energy efficiency research contributes to useful online resources, calculation tools, books, bulletins and seminars as well as standards and government policy. Topics include passive solar design, insulation, thermal bridging, glazing, space and water heating, and preventing heat loss.

Services for manufacturers and distributors

Energy efficiency is assessed as part of BRANZ product testing. We can test the thermal efficiency of many building materials and elements, including thermal insulation.