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Housing maintenance, renovation and repair

How houses are maintained, repaired and upgraded has a significant impact on their performance and service life. To help, BRANZ provides research-backed maintenance guides, publications and tools for industry practitioners and homeowners

BRANZ carried out the House Condition Survey approximately every 5 years from 1994 to 2015. The results consistently showed that, while some of New Zealand’s housing stock is in good condition, there are many houses in need of repair and more regular maintenance.

Maintenance is a requirement under the New Zealand Building Code and in the warranties for many building materials. The best way to deal with this is for a householder to have a maintenance schedule that tells them what work is required for different building elements and the frequency that the maintenance should be carried out.

Information resources for designers and builders

BRANZ provides a wide range of information for designers and builders about house maintenance, renovation and repair.

Information for householders

These resources provide useful information on common household issues and repairs as well as a range of maintenance guides.

Renovate book series

These resources provide technical information for renovating houses from different eras.

Updated: 31 May 2024