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Healthy homes research

Healthier homes make for healthier people. Reducing moisture and improving the insulation, ventilation and heating of Aotearoa New Zealand's houses supports people's health and lessens disruption to work, learning and living due to illness.

For decades, New Zealand's building stock has had a basic approach to the control of heat, air and moisture. Modern lifestyles, new construction trends and climate change mean that this approach is no longer enough. We need to address systemic problems and to design houses based on how people live.

Our work focuses on the factors that prevent our buildings from being warm, dry and healthy over their lifetime. We also investigate ways to improve comfort, temperature and heating to support better health outcomes.

Key research

BRANZ research provides evidence-based information to help home and building occupants, building owners and the building industry produce and maintain warm, dry, healthy homes.

Healthy homes resources

Findings from BRANZ healthy homes research contributes to useful online resources, tools, books, bulletins and webinars as well as New Zealand standards and government policy.