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Materials research

The materials team investigates the durability of building materials within the Aotearoa New Zealand environment. Durability is affected by climate, UV levels, rainfall and temperature as well as proximity to the ocean, mountains and geothermal areas.

What we do

The materials team explores how New Zealand's building materials perform and align with the standards set in the New Zealand Building Code. We gather insights and develop methodologies by:

  • testing to predict materials performance under expected service conditions
  • developing and monitoring exposure sites around New Zealand to better understand how location impacts the durability of building materials
  • understanding material durability at a macro and micro level.

Working with system players

The materials team collaborates on research activities with domestic and international stakeholders throughout the building system. Stakeholders include:

  • industry players (builders, suppliers, and manufacturers)
  • practitioners (designers and architects)
  • building owners
  • government agencies
  • universities
  • Crown research institutes.

Research and resources

The team has conducted substantial research aimed at evaluating material performance under different conditions. These activities have produced in-depth study reports and useful resources, including corrosivity maps, bulletins, fact sheets and Build articles on materials and corrosion.