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Building materials testing

Our testing provides product manufacturers and suppliers with insight into the performance and service life of building materials. We can assess materials for expected durability lifetime and issues caused by corrosion, weathering and ageing.

Testing services

Our BRANZ materials team specialises in testing for corrosion and weathering issues, as well as conducting:

  • expected lifetime product performance evaluations
  • accelerated product ageing assessments
  • product and building inspections and reports
  • site inspections to evaluate building materials in use
  • assessments of product maintenance requirements.

Materials we test include plastics, adhesives, sealants, coatings, metals, cement, tapes, membranes, cladding products and engineered timber products.

Benefits to manufacturers and suppliers

Results from testing can:

  • inform future product development
  • improve quality control systems
  • support BRANZ Appraisal or CodeMark certification
  • demonstrate compliance with New Zealand Building Code requirements.

More information about materials testing

If you would like to discuss testing for your product, contact us by: