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Building materials durability testing

BRANZ tests the durability of building materials, components and construction methods to determine if they will remain functional over the 5, 15 or 50-year period required for compliance with New Zealand Building Code clause B2 Durability.

Testing methods

Our testing assesses building materials for durability over time and weathering/environmental effects

We do this by:

  • identifying the information required to demonstrate the durability of a material or component
  • checking technical literature
  • performing appropriate tests.

We work with individual manufacturers, specifiers, builders and others to provide reliable information on materials durability.

We pass this information on to the industry through:

Site inspections

We carry out site inspections to assess the condition of building materials and their likely future maintenance requirements.

We can also investigate building material failures on site to establish the cause of the failure and to identify ways of correcting building defects.

We typically investigate:

  • metal coating failures
  • timber structure failures
  • corrosion
  • plastic problems
  • composite problems
  • tiling problems
  • adhesive failures.

Corrosion testing

We are experienced with a wide range of corrosion issues and testing standards. Our testing lab has state-of-the-art corrosion and electrochemical research equipment to test for salt spray exposure and accelerated weathering.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • testing for Building Code and standards compliance
  • atmospheric/marine corrosion
  • zinc and aluminium alloy corrosion and selection
  • materials compatibility
  • galvanic effects
  • corrosion-resistant protection coatings.

Plastics, polymers and composites testing

BRANZ can assess the long-term performance and durability of plastics and composite materials.

We use a variety of techniques, including artificial weathering, to evaluate the effect of ageing on mechanical properties, colour and gloss.

Enquire about durability testing

If you would like to discuss durability testing for your product, contact us by: