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H1 Energy efficiency support

This page contains useful information and tools to help meet or exceed the performance requirements of Building Code clause H1 Energy efficiency.

Building Code clause H1 Energy efficiency sets minimum requirements for thermal performance in buildings. The Acceptable Solution and Verification Method that can be used to demonstrate compliance for all housing, and buildings up to 300 m2 are H1/AS1 5th edition amendment 1 and H1/VM1 5th edition amendment 1. BRANZ has produced a number of tools and resources around these.

BRANZ bulletins on the topic include BU672 Specifying floors under H1, BU670 Specifying windows and doors under H1, BU677 Specifying roofs under H1, BU678 H1 Calculation method - housing, and buildings up to 300 m2, BU685 Insulation of concrete slab-on-ground floors less than 300 m².

Resources and tools

Updated: 04 April 2024