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Appraisal process

To get a BRANZ Appraisal for your product, you first apply and then agree an evaluation plan. The Appraisal process includes reviews of technical literature and quality procedures, plus testing, opinions and inspections. Annual validity reviews follow.

Enquiry form

If you are considering getting a BRANZ Appraisal, the first step is to download and fill in a pre-application form:

For more details on the application process, see How to apply for an Appraisal.

If you haven't already discussed with us all the options available for your product, contact us by:

Evaluation plan

The next step in the process is for BRANZ to develop an evaluation plan that is specifically tailored for your product and defines how your product will be evaluated. The plan covers three areas.

  • Technical specification: We will confirm with you a complete technical specification of all components needed for your product to perform successfully and meet Building Code requirements.
  • Scope of use: We will discuss with you the intended scope of use for your product and any limitations surrounding its use. Clearly defining the scope of use is a critical phase in the process as it sets the boundaries for the evaluation criteria.
  • Evaluation criteria: BRANZ experts develop evaluation criteria for an Appraisal based on the relevant requirements of the New Zealand Building Code or the Building Code of Australia. The evaluation criteria for your product will determine what tests and expert opinions are needed as well as any other technical information you will need to supply. The criteria will also specify our requirements for reviewing quality control and technical literature and for site visits and inspecting the product in service.

Cost and timing

Once the evaluation criteria have been developed, BRANZ will be able to give you a quote for the cost of carrying out the Appraisal and the associated testing, expert opinions, inspections and reviews.

The time needed to complete an Appraisal varies. If all the required supporting information is provided at the start, the process usually takes 3-4 months.

The process will take longer (a duration of 6-12 months is typical) where:

  • the product or system is still under development
  • supporting information is not available
  • supporting information is unsatisfactory
  • additional testing is required..

Appraisal services agreement

Along with your product evaluation plan, we will send you a BRANZ services agreement. When you have signed and returned the agreement, the product Appraisal phase can begin.

Product Appraisal

You will be asked to provide detailed information to enable BRANZ to appraise your product. The Appraisal process may include:

  • testing the product
  • preparing expert opinions
  • factory and site visits
  • technical literature review.

A BRANZ Appraisals project manager will liaise with you and all other parties and keep you informed at each stage of the process. To help us help you, prompt responses to our requests for information and decisions will keep the process on track.

Inspection of quality procedures

To gain a BRANZ Appraisal, we require that you have adequate quality management procedures in place for the fabrication and manufacture of the product or system to ensure ongoing quality of the product.

Technical literature review

Technical literature is referenced by the Appraisal so it must be factually correct. BRANZ will thoroughly review the technical currency of the literature as part of the Appraisal process.

Formal issuing of Appraisal

A draft of the final Appraisal document will be sent to you to approve before it is issued. 

Once the BRANZ Appraisal is issued, it will be gazetted on our website and also listed in Build magazine

You will be issued with a BRANZ Appraisal logo with the Appraisal number on it. You can use this for advertising, in your technical literature, on the product and packaging and even on vehicles and buildings. You will also receive a framed display plaque.

Annual validity review

Each year after your Appraisal is issued, BRANZ will carry out an annual validity review of your product. The review will cover all aspects of the product's manufacture and use, including:

  • quality control
  • specifications
  • field performance
  • installation practicality
  • technical literature
  • any relevant changes to the Building Code and standards.

In most cases, the review will involve BRANZ visiting you and the place of manufacture plus site visits to inspect product installation.

An annual fee is charged to perform the validity review and to keep the Appraisal up to date.