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Scholarships for research

BRANZ funds scholarships for university students with outstanding academic credentials to undertake research that benefits the entire building system.

The Scholarship funding round for postgraduate study starting in 2022 is now closed.

Out-of-cycle applications

BRANZ accepts Scholarship applications throughout the year. However, to improve your chances of receiving funding, we encourage applicants to apply within the scholarship funding round.

After the funding round has closed, scholarship applications for the next academic year are generally accepted up to July of the previous academic year.

If you are seeking another source of funding, your application should be submitted to BRANZ 4 weeks before the closing date set by any co-funding agency.

About BRANZ post-graduate scholarships

Each year, we make funding available for outstanding postgraduate scholars in New Zealand tertiary institutions. The scholarship programme brings diversity to the BRANZ portfolio of investments, supports future research and strengthens our relationships with tertiary education providers.

Examples of current scholars’ research topics include: low-carbon construction, sustainable building, home maintenance, environmental resilience and mental health and wellbeing.

Read about the research projects under way by current BRANZ scholars:

How to apply for funding

Before you apply, please read about how BRANZ invests the Building Research Levy, and find out about our research portfolio and current priorities for research:

When describing your proposed research, we are interested in:

  • how your topic aligns with BRANZ’s current research priorities,
  • why the research is needed,
  • what potential difference your proposed research could make,
  • who in the building and construction system could benefit and how?

Please complete all sections of the scholarship application form and email it to

Scholarship conditions

  • Applicants must have New Zealand citizenship or permanent residence and have been accepted by a recognised New Zealand tertiary institution.
  • Successful scholars are expected to study full-time, unless otherwise agreed to by BRANZ.
  • Funding to an individual scholar for PhD studies is limited to 3 years.
  • Scholars will also be required to submit a project plan indicating proposed milestones, which must be agreed by BRANZ before the first payment is made. Progress against this plan will need to be certified by your supervisor and communicated through progress updates.
  • Scholars will liaise with BRANZ throughout the scholarship duration.
  • Scholars are expected to communicate the results of their research to the building and construction sector.
  • A scholarship awarded under this scheme carries no connotation of employment by BRANZ Group during the period of the award or at its conclusion.

For more information about post-graduate scholarships, or to submit your application, email