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Research funding for external providers

The Building Research Levy funds projects from a range of research and knowledge providers including universities, Crown Research Institutes, independent research organisations, industry bodies and private providers.

Investing the Building Research Levy

BRANZ Inc. is the steward of the Building Research Levy and invests the Levy through a range of mechanisms which include:

  • Work initiated and contracted with BRANZ Ltd (this can include sub-contracts with external providers);
  • Work initiated and contracted with external providers (this can include sub-contracts with BRANZ Ltd);
  • Scholarships to support the next generation of researchers and help support tertiary capability elsewhere in New Zealand;
  • Strategic initiatives that invest in significant activities above and beyond BRANZ’s baseline of research investment; and
  • Agile investments that are able to respond to urgent industry issues or take advantage of opportunities that may emerge outside of programmed investment rounds.

Building Research Levy Prospectus 2022 – currently open for expressions of interest

Our annual Prospectus round seeks proposals from external researchers, to add capability and capacity to BRANZ expertise and uncover new ideas and approaches.

Download the 2022/23 Building Research Levy Prospectus [PDF, 95KB] and 2022/23 Expression of Interest template [WORD, 112KB].

Applicants must comply with the terms and conditions [PDF, 134KB] for this prospectus.

BRANZ Inc. research priorities for 2022

The BRANZ Levy Investment Portfolio Statement (PDF, (1,423KB) sets the overall direction for Building Research Levy investment into the BRANZ portfolio, including the Prospectus round.

In 2022 the Prospectus calls for stand-alone research proposals responding to questions in three themes:

  • Building costs
  • Changing behaviour
  • System resilience

Prospectus process and timeline

BRANZ uses a two-stage process. A short expression of interest is assessed, then successful applicants are invited to submit a full proposal. Information about the process and timetable is contained in the Prospectus.

Key dates are:

  • Expressions of interest submitted by 5pm on 1 June 2022
  • Notification about yes/no progression to full proposal stage by 22 June 2022
  • Full proposals submitted by 5pm on 3 August 2022
  • Applications assessed and announcements made by the end of September


Proposals undergo a rigorous assessment process to make sure the work funded by the Building Research Levy is of a high standard. The assessment criteria are outlined in the Prospectus.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) participates in this advisory group to recognise the connection between Levy-funded research and government regulatory and policy direction. Additional subject matter advice is also sought as needed.

Investment in urgent issues

In addition to the Prospectus call for applications, BRANZ recognises opportunities may be driven by urgent or timely insights or events. We use agile investment to act quickly to undertake new research throughout the year. If you have an idea please contact the Research Investment team in the first instance,

Find out more about funding for external providers

To enquire about accessing funding for potential research collaboration or BRANZ’s investment and stewardship of the Building Research Levy, email