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Research funding for external providers

The Building Research Levy funds projects from a range of research and knowledge providers including universities, Crown Research Institutes, independent research organisations, industry bodies and other research providers.

We collaborate with research providers that have significant expertise complementing BRANZ-based specialist teams.

Research priorities are signalled in BRANZ’s Levy Investment Portfolio Statement, which is released each year in May. The latest is here:

External research proposals are called for through an annual prospectus round, usually beginning in July, and at additional times in the year if required. BRANZ also runs a separate agile investment process in response to distinct industry needs.

Prospectus round – call for proposals

A prospectus calls for specific and practical research proposals that will drive positive change within our research portfolio themes. The full expectations of proposals are set out in the prospectus.

Two-stage application process

  1. Expression of Interest (EOI) stage – applicants outline their research concept and approach.
  2. Full proposal stage – successful EOI applicants are invited to submit a more detailed full proposal.

Current Prospectus round

*** The last call for EOI proposals closed on 28 August 2023. ***

EOI proposals were sought to respond to the following areas of research need:

  • understanding the impacts of climate change on the building envelope
  • adapting Aotearoa New Zealand's built environment to better meet the needs and wants of our diverse population.

Past recent prospectuses

Available for reference only – investment rounds have closed.

Assessment of proposals

Proposals undergo a rigorous assessment process to ensure Building Research Levy funds research of a high standard.

EOIs are assessed by an internal expert panel at BRANZ. Full proposals are assessed by a prospectus panel, which includes industry, government and BRANZ representatives with a range of research, regulatory and industry expertise.

The prospectus panel provides independent, targeted advice to the BRANZ Inc. CEO and BRANZ Executive Leadership Team to support research investment decisions, specifically:

  • to provide advice on research activities proposed by external research providers in answer to the Prospectus call for research, and
  • recommending what BRANZ Inc. should fund from the Levy.

Investment decisions are made and notified typically in December for projects to begin in the following year.

Investment in distinct industry needs

BRANZ recognises research opportunities may be driven by urgent or timely insights or events.

In addition to prospectus rounds, BRANZ has an agile investment mechanism that can act quickly to invest in new research throughout the year. If you have an idea please contact the Research Investment team in the first instance,

Find out more about funding for external providers

To enquire about accessing funding for potential research collaboration or BRANZ’s investment and stewardship of the Building Research Levy, email