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BU581 Residential mechanical ventilation systems


Product Description

Ventilation plays a major role in indoor air quality and moisture management in houses, removing and diluting contaminants, including water vapour. This bulletin looks at residential mechanical ventilation systems, including supply, extract and heat recovery ventilation systems.

This bulletin combines and updates Bulletin 484 Mechanical home ventilation systems and Bulletin 508 Heat/energy recovery ventilation systems.

The bulletin covers:

  • infiltration and airtightness
  • need for ventilation
  • ventilation rates
  • mechanical ventilation
  • supply systems, including operation, components, supply air and roof space air-sourced positive pressure systems
  • extract systems, including fans, ducted extract systems, extract air location and discharge air location
  • mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems
  • ducting
  • choosing a ventilation system
  • maintenance.
Product Information
Publication date 1 February 2015
Product type Bulletin
Availability Available
Product code BU581