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BRANZ publications provide practical building and design advice on many topics. You can buy many of these in either hard copy or electronic formats (ePubs), but some are only available in an electronic format.. You can also purchase online learning modules and past BRANZ seminars.

Please note: The link to your electronic formats (ePubs) will expire after 28 days and require an eReader to view.

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Junctions module: Junction installation for LBPs

This module provides an introduction to junction installation for LBPs. It covers what are junctions and why they are important; how water behaves; flashings, penetrations, sealants, and sequencing; what you need to know before you start building; common issues and problems during installation.

Junctions module: Introduction to junctions

A junction is where materials meet or change direction and can be a weakness in the weathertightness of the building envelope. This module covers how water behaves; why junctions are important; the different types of junctions. 

Junctions module: Design principles for junctions

When designing junctions, we need to consider the situation or context that the junctions are in, the appropriate materials we need to use, and the best design practices. This module covers geographical location; suitable materials; designing flashings and penetrations; designing for maintenance.

Junctions module: Junctions in practice

Using case studies for a simple house and a complex house, this module illustrates the design of a variety of junctions and the issues to consider.

Building Basics: Weathertightness (2nd edition)

This book aims to provide background to the issues and contributing factors and guidance on the principles of weathertight construction – how water behaves and how we deal with it.

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Good Practice Guide: Waterproof decks and balconies

This guide focuses on the ‘good’ design, specification and construction requirements for all types of waterproof decks and balconies (Building Code, structure, substrate, membrane and walk-on surface) to residential buildings (stand-alone houes, townhouses, apartments and so on) to ensure such decks will be serviceable over the life of the building.

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BU659 Upgrading the thermal performance of timber windows

This bulletin describes approaches for upgrading thermal performance including reducing air infiltration, replacing ordinary single glazing and retrofitting insulating glass units (IGUs).

(This bulletin updates and replaces Bulletin 507).

BU658 Timber Windows

Timber window installation is outside the scope of Acceptable Solution E2/ AS1, so building consent must be applied for as an alternative method

(This bulletin updates and replaces Bulletin 481).

Webinar: Engineered Wood Products (EWPs)

This webinar takes you through the results of a recent BRANZ research into the appetite for using EWPs in building, the perceptions that exist about them and potential barriers.  It also covers the range of resources available in New Zealand to help make decisions regarding the use and performance of EWPs and the what the implications of their use might be and how to effectively incorporate them into building projects.

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BU657 Designing water-efficient houses

The primary concern for water supply design in a house will always be the health and safety of the occupants, but beyond that, there are opportunities to reduce consumption of reticulated water through efficient design.

BU656 Designing to avoid houses overheating

This bulletin gives an overview of passive design options for reducing overheating. It does not consider active (mechanical) ventilation systems.

Webinar: Assessing SIPs in New Zealand

Hear how BRANZ is investigating the performance of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) under New Zealand's climate, and in the case of an earthquake or fire. 

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Seminar: Plumbing and Drainage - Water supply

The session will cover pipe sizing, backflow requirements and hot water solutions and the applicable valve sets.
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Seminar: Plumbing and Drainage - Drainage

The session will cover underslab drainage (applicable to all classes of buildings) and a number of plumbing stack systems.

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Stairs Module: Stair Barriers

This module covers design and construction requirements for barriers, specifically in relation to stairways.

Stairs Module: Exterior Stairs

This module covers D1/AS1 design requirements for exterior stairs.

Stairs Module: Curved and Winder Stairs

This module covers D1/AS1 design requirements for curved and winder stairs.

Stairs Module: Introduction to Stair Design

This module provides an introduction to stairway design following D1/AS1 including specifications and features that are required for safety and ease of use.

Stairs Module: Stair Landings

This module covers design and construction requirements for landings, including quarter and half landings.

Stairs Module: Handrails

This module focuses on stair handrails, including when and why they’re used, and specifications for handrail design in different situations.