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Household Energy End-use Project (HEEP2)

HEEP2 is a long-term study that collects information on how, when and why New Zealand households use energy in the home.

HEEP2 collects information from real households throughout New Zealand. This includes measuring how much electricity, gas and solid fuel households use. It also collects information about what the energy is used for [eg heating rooms and water, cooking, refrigeration and entertainment] and how effectively it does the job.


Why is this study important?

The study follows HEEP1 which ran from 1995-2005. HEEP1 gave us, for the first time, a national picture of how different types of energy were used in our homes. It also showed that many of our homes were underheated and too cold, creating unhealthy living environments. A lot has changed since HEEP1, and researchers and policy makers need better information to help ensure all New Zealanders have warm, dry and healthy homes that are affordable to run.

Who takes part?

BRANZ has partnered with Stats NZ to help recruit HEEP2 participants from the Household Economic Survey so we get a nationwide picture of how energy is used in homes.

For more information call 0800 886 422 or email