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  B-RISK - Design Fire Tool

BRANZ and the University of Canterbury have worked together to develop a new building design fire tool called B-RISK to simulate building fires. Fire simulation results can be presented in a probabilistic form and will allow the variability and uncertainty associated with the predictions of the fire environment to be quantified. B-RISK is intended to replace the BRANZFIRE program.

This research has been funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and by BRANZ from the Building Research Levy.

B-RISK allows a number of features to be integrated within the design tool such as:

  • a design fire generator and item-to-item fire spread module allowing building contents to be randomly placed within a room and the overall rate of heat release to be determined
  • a comprehensive sprinkler response module, including operation of multiple heads, and parameters for effectiveness and reliability of sprinkler systems
  • reliability of other systems such as smoke detectors, mechanical systems and passive elements such as doors
  • C/VM2 user mode useful for fire analysis required to be in compliance with the NZBC
  • visualisation of geometry and results using Smokeview software
  • the inclusion of new balcony spill plume relationships to facilitate the design of smoke management systems within buildings.

Download B-RISK software - download the zip file, unzip and run the setup file to install. You may require administrator privileges for the installation. (Version 2019.03 - OS Win64)

View version release changes

Download B-RISK 2016 user guide and technical manual (BRANZ Study Report 364) 

Download B-RISK 2013 software benchmarking examples (BRANZ Study Report 292)

Download BRANZ Report TR17 Room size limits when using a fire zone model for smoke-filling calculations