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  BU601 Sealants for cladding joints


Sealants are used to provide a weathertight joint or junction that can accommodate movement in a wide range of cladding materials. It updates and replaces Bulletin 441 Sealed joints in external claddings - 2: Sealants.

While many premature sealant failures are the result of incorrect application, many are also the result of insufficient attention to the system and substrate compatibility.

This bulletin examines the factors affecting the choice of sealant for sealed joints in cladding systems, including: 

  • performance characteristics
  • materials the sealants are being applied to
  • temperatures the sealants will be exposed to
  • sealant types
  • joint type
  • compatibility issues
  • durability and maintenance issues
  • preparation and application factors
  • cost factors. 

Publication date: August 2016 Keywords: cladding, sealant, joint, junction, movement