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SR163 Maximum wall bracing rating compatible with NZS 3604 construction: Phase 2 - testing room 1 (2007)

Product Description

The New Zealand standard used for non-specific design of houses specifies that wall bracing ratings are determined using the BRANZ P21 test method. This prescribes the test procedure under which isolated walls are racked and how the results are used to evaluate the wall bracing ratings. Building designers then ensure that the sum of the earthquake or wind bracing demand, as stipulated in the standard, does not exceed the sum of the bracing resistances of house walls. To do this, they use manufacturers' published data giving wall bracing strengths.

The P21 test measures the ability of a wall to transmit a racking load from a wall top plate to its bottom plate. The bracing ratings derived implicitly assume that the load can get into the top plate and subsequently be carried from the bottom plate to the ground. This report attempts to determine a suitable upper limit bracing strength to ensure these assumptions are met with typical New Zealand house construction.

Product Information

Publication date 2007
Author SJ Thurston
System number SR163