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Weathertightness, Air quality and Ventilation Engineering (WAVE)

WAVE (Weathertightness, Air quality and Ventilation Engineering) was a 6-year programme that ran from October 2009 until October 2015. The work was jointly funded by the Building Research Levy and the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

WAVE developed practical solutions to problems that plague New Zealand homes such as leaky buildings and indoor mould. It also helped to avoid future issues resulting from changes to materials, designs and construction methods. Ultimately, we'd like New Zealand to have homes that manage moisture properly and have safe indoor environments.

This programme recognised that the performance of the building envelope is linked to the environment within the building and aimed to form a complete model of how buildings manage contaminants (including moisture) to allow designers and builders to assess the impact of any features they wanted to implement.

The WAVE programme was split into four complementary streams: