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BRANZ CO2NSTRUCT provides values for embodied greenhouse gas and energy for some construction materials. Embodied energy is provided as a total and divided into energy from non-renewable and renewable sources.

‘Embodied' here means that values are provided up to the factory gate of the manufacturer. Therefore, they do not include transport to the construction site or wastage at the construction site. In the case of in situ reinforced concrete, values are provided for the concrete and reinforcement, even though these are not combined until the construction site.

Values provided in this datasheet are derived from sources categorised in the data quality worksheet. These are arranged from good quality to poorer quality.

Values other than those with an A data quality rating do not necessarily represent specific products in the New Zealand market.

This datasheet is provided as part of BRANZ's development of the New Zealand whole-building whole-of-life framework.

It is important to assess the environmental impact of products from a life-cycle perspective. To do this, a free Excel-based tool is available called LCAQuick, which can be downloaded from (and select LCAQuick). BRANZ offers training and support in the use of LCAQuick.

For further information about BRANZ CO2NSTRUCT or LCAQuick, contact Dr Dave Dowdell at or Brian Berg at

It is our intention to update values in BRANZ CO2NSTRUCT yearly as environmental product declarations and/or other sources of data become available. If you are a construction product manufacturer, importer, material supplier or service provider with data that you would like to contribute to BRANZ CO2NSTRUCT, please email Dr Dave Dowdell at