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Natural airflows between roof, subfloor and living spaces

Natural and artificial weathering of uPVC

Naturally ventilated houses in New Zealand - simplified air infiltration prediction

New Zealand houses in earthquakes - what will happen?

New Zealand window efficiency rating system

New Zealand's initiatives in greening commercial buildings - investing in your future

Non-accelerated weight loss studies of fastener material corrosion in contact with CCA, CuAz and ACQ-treated timbers

Non-destructive testing in the New Zealand building industry - review and developments

Object-oriented representation of codes of practice

Occupant and building related determinants on the temperature patterns in New Zealand residential buildings

Options for a wind loading code

Passive ventilators in New Zealand homes - parts 1 and 2

Performance characteristics of concrete incorporating a natural amorphous silica

Performance of coatings on weathered timber

Performance of coatings on weathered timber - part 2

Performance of concrete floors exposed to real fires

Performance testing of exterior wood primers

Performance-based building energy efficiency code

Performance-based issues relating to the development of an effective earthquake standard - the New Zealand experience

Pollutant dispersion simulated by a tracer gas in a naturally ventilated test house