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New Zealand whole building whole of life assessment plan - key features, SR276

New Zealand Whole Building Whole of Life Framework: Life Cycle Assessment-based Indicators, SR293

New Zealand whole-building whole-of-life framework: An overview, SR349

New Zealand whole-building whole-of-life framework: Development of datasheets to support building life cycle assessment, SR351

New Zealand whole-building whole-of-life framework: Development of reference office buildings for use in early design, SR350

New Zealand window efficiency rating system

New Zealand's initiatives in greening commercial buildings - investing in your future

Non-accelerated weight loss studies of fastener material corrosion in contact with CCA, CuAz and ACQ-treated timbers

Non-destructive testing in the New Zealand building industry - review and developments

Non-structural factsheet 1: Compliance and Standards

Non-structural factsheet 2: Design Criteria

Non-structural factsheet 3: Restraint Systems

Non-structural factsheet 4: Seismic Clearance at Penetrations

Non-structural factsheet 5: Project Process

Non-structural factsheet 6: Suspended Ceilings

Novel corrosion sensors, SR212

Numerical simulation of ventilation in roof cavities, SR343

NZBC Fire Acceptable Solutions
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NZS 3604:2011 and Timber Treatment
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NZS 4218 2009 Calculation Method Tool