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Mixed-Use Urban Planning and Development, ER26

Modelled housing quality and tenure in New Zealand, ER22B

Modelling fire behaviour of metal pipe penetrations through concrete walls, SR065

Modelling Methods - ALF
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Modelling of heat transfer in composite structures at fire temperatures

Modelling of moisture transfer in structures - I - a description of a finite-difference nodal model

Modelling of moisture transfer in structures - II - a comparison of a numerical model - an analytical model and some experimenta

Modelling of moisture transfer in structures - III - a comparison between numerical model SMAHT and field data

Modelling of some dwelling internal microclimates

Moisture control and IG unit longevity

Moisture diffusion due to periodic moisture and temperature boundary conditions - an approximate steady analytical solution with

Moisture in Materials
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Moisture transfer in roof sections under cyclic conditions and constant air pressure difference - laboratory and modelling studi

Multi-disciplinary investigation of energy use in New Zealand households

Multi-storey light timber-framed buildings in NZ: Engineering design

National impacts of the widespread adoption of heat pumps in New Zealand, SR169

Natural airflows between roof, subfloor and living spaces

Natural and artificial weathering of uPVC

Naturally ventilated houses in New Zealand - simplified air infiltration prediction

New house construction quality survey 2014, SR335