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Design Decisions
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Design fires for apartment buildings - literature review, SR136

Design for durability - a review of New Zealand practice, SR099

Design guidance of specifically designed bracing systems in light timber frames residential buildings, SR337

Design guide - slender precast concrete panels with low axial load

Design of houses with vertical irregularity, SR210

Design of light steel-framed walls for fire resistance

Design of light timber framed walls and floors for fire resistance, TR09

Design of load bearing light timber frame walls for fire resistance - part 1, SR036

Design of load bearing light timber frame walls for fire resistance - part 2, SR043

Design strength of various house pile foundation systems, SR046

Design tool integrations model flexibility for the building profession

Designing for Maintenance
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Designing multi-storey buildings for wind effects, SR025

Determining the chloride deposition rate, chloride aerosol flux and the corrosion rates in subfloor building conditions in a sev

Determining the industry need for a retrofit and renovation information resource, SR203

Developing a sustainability framework for New Zealand homes

Developing fire performance criteria for New Zealand's performance based Building Code

Developing the Concrete Sector's 10 Year Research Roadmap, ER18

Development and performance of a small relative humidity sensor for indoor microclimate measurements