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Census, Demographic Trends and the impact on Home Ownership Outcomes, ER2

Ceramic tile failure in a dairy processing plant

Changes in indoor climate and microclimate of a New Zealand bungalow after a two-stage insulation retrofit

Changes in national building research organisations

Changing housing need, SR183

Changing Housing Need
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Characterising fire plumes from openings in external walls, SR320

Charring rates of timber, SR042

Class language - a language for building expert systems

Clawback of energy efficiency upgrades in New Zealand households

Client and designer choices and their effect on new housing costs, SR319

Climate change adaptation, SR130

Climate change impacts in New Zealand: A cross-disciplinary assessment of the need to adapt buildings, with focus on housing

Climate change impacts on building performance

Climate change mitigation and adaptation tools for homes and offices in New Zealand

Coatings for exterior wood-based composites

Codification of serviceability criteria in New Zealand

Community Housing Providers, Procurement and the Building Industry, ER21

Comparison of accelerated and natural weathering of coil-coated galvanised steel

Compendium and evaluation of building environmental impact schemes being used in Australasia, SR135