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A transient technique for determining diffusion coefficients in hygroscopic materials

A wall bracing test and evaluation procedure 2010, P21

Accelerated durability testing of autoclaved wood-fibre-reinforced cement-sheet composites

Acceptable solution for New Zealand Building Code fire safety clauses - analysis of existing performance metrics, SR166

Accessible egress, SR338

Accessible emergency egress, SR318

Accounting for windows in building heating energy calculations

Acoustical design of medium-density housing, part 1 of 2, ER30A

Acoustical design of medium-density housing, part 2 of 2, ER30B

Active cooling and heat pump use in New Zealand - survey results, SR186

Actual and effective diffusion coefficients of concrete under marine exposure conditions

Adhesives and the New Zealand building industry, SR005

Adopting new ways in the building and construction industry, SR406

Advanced residential construction techniques - opportunities and implications for New Zealand, SR311

Affordable rental homes factsheet 1: Enriching environments when upgrading apartments for vulnerable tenants

Affordable rental homes factsheet 2: Two tools to inform thermal upgrades of apartments

Air flow rates field measurements, SR180

Air flow resistances in timber framed walls

Air infiltration in New Zealand houses

Air pressure equalisation in rainscreened joints by geometric alteration