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  BRANZ structural testing

BRANZ structural testing 

The BRANZ structural test laboratory is purpose-designed with fully calibrated equipment to test the performance of products and systems used in the construction of buildings.

The tests demonstrate how products and systems perform under routine conditions or under pressure from external forces such as earthquakes or strong winds.

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Our expert team provides high-quality, timely, cost-effective services for clients wanting to use test results for product awareness, consent purposes or to solve product problems. In addition to the tailored testing service, the BRANZ structures team can provide specific design documents post testing to meet individual client needs.

BRANZ structures has a worldwide reputation for expertise in seismic and wind engineering and contributes to the development of Australian and New Zealand standards and international standards. 

The difference we make

structures-thumbnail.jpgFollowing the Canterbury earthquakes, the Ministry of Education saved $800 million in expected costs when our full-scale lateral load testing showed there was no need to carry out retrofit strengthening of most timber-framed classroom  blocks in New Zealand. 

BRANZ's investigations after the Canterbury earthquakes identified the need to change seismic bracing in light timber-framed homes and was the basis of a step-by-step seismic design procedure to improve the performance of New Zealand homes in earthquakes.  

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