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 Research Reports

Each year BRANZ invests the Building Research Levy in research as part of our vision to inspire the industry to provide better buildings for New Zealanders. 

Outputs and results from this research is transformed into a technical research report which may be used by the industry as an information resource.

The reports below reflect research done by BRANZ and external independent providers which are funded by the levy. 

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 Research Reports

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Computer simulation of torsion on a timber framed building with horizontal irregularity, SR171

Consent documentation quality for new housing, SR355

Construction industry data to assist in productivity research - part 2, SR283

Construction industry data to assist in productivity research - Part one, SR256

Construction industry productivity, SR219

Construction industry segmentation, SR266

Construction site waste generation - the influence of design and procurement in Auckland, SR088

Construction Waste REBRI Certification, ER12

Corrosion of fasteners in treated timber, SR241

Corrosion of fasteners in timber treatment (Appendix), SR241A

Cost efficiencies of standardised new housing, SR247

Cost-effective fire safety measures for residential buildings in New Zealandfor Residential buildings in New Zealand, SR093

Could damp homes be too cold/underheated?, SR389

Creep and shrinkage of inorganic polymer concrete, SR175

Critical properties of mortar for good seismic performance of brick veneer, SR258

Cross-laminated timber for building structures, SR336

Damping devices, ER31

Defining medium-density housing, SR376

Design and cost implications of DZ4203:1989, SR024

Design fires for apartment buildings - literature review, SR136