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 Research Reports

Each year BRANZ invests the Building Research Levy in research as part of our vision to inspire the industry to provide better buildings for New Zealanders. 

Outputs and results from this research is transformed into a technical research report which may be used by the industry as an information resource.

The reports below reflect research done by BRANZ and external independent providers which are funded by the levy. 

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 Research Reports

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Post-earthquake performance of passive fire protection systems, SR304

Potential measures of productivity and performance at the firm, grouped firm and regional level, SR317

Practical means of assessing solar water heater performance and operation, SR239

Prefabrication and standardisation potential in buildings, SR312

Prefabrication impacts in the New Zealand construction industry, SR279

Preliminary House Condition Survey Report, SR240

Prioritising quality, SR398

Prioritising quality: Literature review of common residential housing defects, SR387

Productivity distribution and drivers of productivity growth in the construction industry, ER8

Productivity in the construction industry 2017, SR388

Productivity trends and the implications for our industry, SR326

Profiled sheet steel claddings as diaphragms - a general review, SR001

Protected nailed gusset connections for glulam members, SR029

Pseudo-dynamic evaluation of timber-framed walls, SR109

Quantitative risk assessment methods for determining slope stability risk in the building industry, SR083

Racking resistance of bracing walls in low-rise buildings subject to earthquake attack - volume 1, SR078A

Racking resistance of bracing walls in low-rise buildings subject to earthquake attack - volume 2, SR078B

Racking tests on rooms and isolated walls to investigate uplift restraint and systems effects, SR154

Reaction to fire of interior wall and ceiling linings - paint coatings - testing results and analysis, SR302

Reactive powder concrete, SR146