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It is very important to keep track of your efforts to reduce the amount of material wastes (both landfilled and recycled) you produce.

The site waste manager should be responsible for recording the amount of waste in each bin, the amount recycled or reused and the costs of removal for both general and recyclable wastes. Usually, a simple visual estimation of material volumes is sufficient for recording purposes. (For more comprehensive guidance on measuring and analysing construction waste, use the Guide for Construction Waste Audits - it was written in 1999, but still provides useful information.)

Use the REBRI Waste Management Plan to maintain records of materials salvaged, recycled, or otherwise disposed, including amounts and destinations.

Set up a system to document transfer of the materials from the building site and their destination. Keeping invoices and receipts for all salvage and recycled materials is a good idea and use the REBRI Waste Transfer Form to record the waste generator, the waste source and type, the waste transporter, the waste recipient and where the waste will end up.