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  Reference buildings

BRANZ has developed 10 reference office buildings. These do not constitute a statistically representative sample of the New Zealand office building stock, but are intended to provide examples of recently designed and consented office buildings in New Zealand for use in comparison with office buildings currently being designed. Reference.gif

The reference office buildings:

  • Have been designed and constructed since 2007.
  • Have a gross floor area of 1500 m2 or more.
  • Are located in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch.
  • Employ a range of structures including reinforced concrete, steel and engineered wood. 

Buildings were selected and consent documentation obtained from local authorities. Each building's structure and envelope were modelled using BIM (Building Information Model) software and quality tested to obtain material quantities. Focus was given to structure and envelope as framework resources are aimed at informing early design when fundamental decisions are taken concerning building form, orientation and window-to-wall ratios, for example. Each building was also modelled based on New Zealand template energy models for commercial buildings from the Building Energy End-use Study, a 6 year research project that measured energy use in New Zealand commercial buildings.

Energy model outputs therefore reflect predicted energy use as a result of the design rather than actual energy use obtained from post-occupancy measurement.

Information about the reference office buildings, the process for their development, quality testing, results and analysis are available in the BRANZ SR350 study report.