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  Apply for a CodeMark

To apply for a CodeMark, download a copy of the BRANZ CodeMark application form below. When completed email the form to Assurance Services together with your supporting information.

When filling out the application form, full details of the following need to be included:

  • The Product/System intended for evaluation (Certification).
  • The Technical Specification of the Product/System.
  • The Manufacturing details and Product Quality Plan.
  • The intended scope of use.
  • Responsibilities for supply, design and installation.
  • Technical Literature.
  • The specific NZBC or BCA clauses and performances within each clause for which compliance is claimed and certification sought.

To assist you in completing the application you can download the checklist below. This will help to ensure you have included all relevant information with your application.  

All information that you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence. BRANZ does not disclose the identification or nature of products being certified until the CodeMark Certificate is issued.
Once we have recieved a CodeMark application form, we will contact you to discuss the acceptance of your application, the CodeMark process, and the fees and costs involved.


Need help? 

Email Assurance Services or freephone 0800 080 063.