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  Ventilation Efficiency

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BRANZ staff have a detailed understanding of both naturally and mechanically ventilated buildings. Using blower door or tracer gas methods, we can measure the ventilation rates achieved in a wide range of building types, from houses to multi- storey. We can also advise on designs for natural ventilation performance. In mechanically ventilated buildings such as office buildings, fresh air delivery rates and the overall effectiveness of the ventilation system can be measured.
Through our contribution to air quality and ventilation efficiency codes and standards in New Zealand, and our international links, BRANZ staff keep up with the latest building ventilation developments. 

Ventilation expertise

  • Measurement of building airtightness using a blower door
  • Calculated background ventilation using blower door measurements
  • Direct measurements of ventilation rates using tracer gas methods
  • Measuring air flow distribution in ventilated buildings
  • Measuring the effectiveness of mechanical ventilation systems
  • Passive ventilation design 

For more information, view the detail on our WAVE Research project