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 Investing in Research

2017/2018 Building Research Levy Prospectus round

The 2017/18 Building Research Levy Prospectus sets out key themes and priorities that BRANZ will be looking to invest Building Research Levy in. The Prospectus is looking for organisations to work with BRANZ as part of a team approach on a series of core programmes to develop comprehensive and integrated solutions to prioritised industry issues.

Identifying Sector Needs

We work closely with relevant industry groups to refine priorities for research work to be undertaken for the good of the sector. To further collect the industry's views on what it sees as being important for future development, a number of methods and information sources are used.

Sustainable Built Environment Roadmap

This roadmap was developed in 2012 to map the critical research needed to increase the sustainability of New Zealand's built environment.

Societal Impact of Building Fires (March 2012)

Research portfolio outcome statement: The reduction of the social, economic and environmental impact of fire in buildings in New Zealand.