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  Independent Research Providers

As well as investment with BRANZ Ltd researchers, the Building Research Levy also funds work from a diverse range of other research and knowledge providers. These have included universities, Crown Research Institutes, independent research organisations, industry bodies and private providers.

An important output from this Building Research Levy investment can be the External Research Reports.

The majority of these projects are sourced from external providers through a call for proposals which takes place through an open and transparent Prospectus process. In addition to issuing a Prospectus, BRANZ also maintains the flexibility to invest out of cycle where a response is required to a timely or emerging need.

2018/19 Prospectus round

Building Research Levy Prospectus seek Expressions of Interest aligned with focussed research themes. The themes are guided by the BRANZ Portfolio and Levy Investment Signals which outline BRANZ's research priorities for the financial year. Research providers seeking Building Research Levy should align their research to these priorities when responding to requests for proposals.

If you have any questions about the research reports, accessing funding for potential research collaboration, or you would like to know more about BRANZ's investment and stewardship of the Building Research Levy, please contact Research.