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  Whole building whole of life framework

Welcome to the New Zealand whole building whole of life framework (‘framework'). It's purpose is to provide tools, information and data to help with better understanding the climate change and other environmental impacts to buildings.

We cannot put a meter on a building to measure its environmental impacts.  This can only be achieved through calculation, using carbon footprinting or Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). For complex, long-lived 'products' such as buildings, this calculation requires a lot of data, scenarios and assumptions. 

The framework seeks to attain better consistency in the way the climate change and other environmental impacts of our buildings are calculated.  It is based on international building sustainability standards and is illustrated below:



For those that want to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions (and other environmental impacts) associated with a building design and use this to interatively reduce or design our carbon (and other environmental impacts), BRANZ has developed a free tool called LCAQuick, which embeds the framework.  Just click on the LCAQuick button below to download. 


If you are using LCAQuick to obtain the Life Cycle Assessment points under credit 19A in Green Star, please click here. BRANZ has developed an editable pdf report template which can be used as part of your application. 


To find out more about the framework, please click on the buttons below:

Information.png Please press for an introduction to the framework, why it has been developed and how to contribute data to it.
 Reference buildings.pngPlease press to find out more about our reference buildings, how they were developed and the data behind them.
 Data.pngPlease press for supporting data and scenario information that can help inform building carbon footprints and LCAs. Data include embodied carbon and energy of materials, construction site wastage rates, New Zealand Grid electricity carbon intensity, and more. 
 Indicators.pngPlease press for information about the environmental indicators that are currently calculated in the framework.


We welcome your feedback, information and data that can help us improve the resources provided here. To find out how to do this, please click here

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