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Appraisal number: 631 (2023)

Date issued: 6 Apr 2023

FrameFlash™/Watertight® Flashing Tape


FrameFlash™/Watertight® is a flexible flashing tape for use around framed joinery openings as a secondary weather-resistant barrier.

FrameFlash™/Watertight® is installed into and around the framed joinery opening over the wall underlay and exposed frame to cover both the face and edge of the opening framing. FrameFlash™/Watertight® is also used at joinery heads to seal flashing upstands to the wall underlay.

Consenting instructions

Always refer to the Appraisal in full and the technical literature.

Appraisal holder

Techno Wrapping Systems Ltd
Address: 53 Riverlea Road, Whenuapai, Auckland 0619
Phone: 09 426 4748

Manufacturer details