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  Multi-Storey light timber-framed buildings in NZ: Engineering Design

The appetite for mid-rise buildings is rapidly growing in New Zealand with population surges in major centres as well as government initiatives that will result in housing densification. This will require medium-density housing solutions, which are ideally suited to using light timber-frame (LTF) structures.

These guidelines describe methods for designing LTF structures that go beyond 2.5 storeys and are outside the scope of NZS 3604:2011 Timber-framed buildings. They provide guidance on how designers can develop resilient code-compliant designs for light timber-framed structures up to 6 storeys. The focus is on structural solutions, but also included are discussions and suggestions for how to address a variety of other necessary design aspects of multi-unit residential buildings such as fire and acoustic performance, floor vibrations and weathertightness.

In conjunction with other timber building resources that are currently under development in New Zealand, these guidelines will allow designers to provide a range of low-carbon timber building options that meet the needs of the growing population and shifting community profiles throughout the country.

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