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Considerations for access include entry to the house, moving about indoors, stairs, lifts and doors.

Where there is a steep access, have the garage level with the house and let the vehicle do the climbing.
Elements of accessible access to the house.
Level threshold in a protected recess.
Level entry protected by a canopy.
Proprietary level threshold on a concrete floor.
Wheelchairs should be able to turn 360° at the end of corridors and in all rooms.
Minimum dimensions for a 90° turn in a passageway.
Minimum space requirements (in mm) to turn 90° into a door from a passageway.
Stair dimensions.
Features of a stairlift.
Features of a wheelchair platform lift.
Example of a lift addition - ground floor.
Example of a lift addition - first floor.
Hinged door - clear opening width.
Sliding door - within wall cavity.
Sliding door - surface mounted.