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Construction Sector Accord

The Construction Sector Accord, established in April 2019, is a joint commitment from government and industry to work together to create a thriving, fair and sustainable construction sector for a better Aotearoa.

The Accord's Construction Sector Transformation Plan is focused on tackling the sector's systemic challenges while building resilience across the industry.

The second iteration of the Transformation Plan spans 2022-2025.

BRANZ has been involved in several different aspects of the Accord and the Transformation Plan. This included, as part of the first phase, leading the Environment workstream, participating in the Accord COVID-response leadership group and participating in the Building Sector Working Group of the Regulatory Environment workstream.

BRANZ continues to fund research, through the Building Research Levy, of direct relevance to the Accord’s work. See for example the work on construction sector performance measurement.

In 2020, BRANZ’s then CEO Chelydra Percy was invited to lead the Environment workstream. This workstream was scoped from the perspective that good work is happening across the sector to address some of the environmental issues. What was missing was coherency around how the sector can work together to contribute to Aotearoa New Zealand’s environmental and climate change goals. BRANZ led the development of two pieces of work with colleagues from across the sector:

BRANZ continues to work with the Accord on the environment actions, primarily through our Transition to a zero-carbon built environment work programme and our Sustainable building design resources.