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Plans, forms and guides

Access all the REBRI documentation.

REBRI recycling directory

Get contact details for recycling organisations throughout New Zealand - you can search by region or material.

REBRI resource routing calculator

This allows you to calculate the economic value of sending up to 12 different waste streams to landfill or to a reclamation facility, depending upon the input of a number of factors such as cost of transport, cost of skip hire, value of material, weight/amount of material, amount of contaminants and so on.

REBRI contract specifications for waste management [WORD, 55KB]

These set out standard wording that could be included in construction or deconstruction contract tender documentation between the principal and the contractor.

REBRI waste management plan [WORD, 115KB]

Use this form to record what must be done to achieve the goals you have set for managing construction waste.

REBRI waste transfer form [WORD, 36KB]

Use this form to record details of the waste generator, the waste source and type, the waste transporter, the waste recipient and where the waste will end up.

REBRI guides

Download PDFs of our REBRI guides for waste reduction in different aspects of construction and resource recovery.

REBRI checklists

Check out our simple checklists to help keep your waste management system on track. They are in Word, so you can print them out or complete them online and save to your computer.

Building Basics: Minimising waste (2nd edition)

Reduce, reuse, recycle, recover, residual disposal - this book explains with detailed guidance and case studies how these steps can be achieved. It is designed for builders, designers, tradespeople and educators.

BU671 Reducing construction and demolition waste

With a focus on houses and small buildings, this bulletin explains the “5Rs” of waste management (reject, reduce, reuse, repair and recycle), designing to reduce waste and developing a site-specific waste management plan.

Guide for construction waste audits [PDF, 465KB]

This was written in 1999 but still provides useful information and comprehensive guidance on measuring and analysing construction waste.