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Economics analysis and forecasting

Our economics team carries out business performance research, product market analysis and workload forecasts for businesses in the building and construction sector. We also provide advice on the effects of government policy changes.

Benefits to building and manufacturing businesses

We work with government agencies, product manufacturers and industry groups to understand:

  • how building industry trends affect small and big businesses
  • how changes in government policy impact the building industry
  • the size of the market and demand for a new or existing products
  • how designers, manufacturers and retailers can work together to support better-quality building
  • the value of particular products in improving building quality
  • how to monitor the performance of your building industry business
  • expected demand for new construction projects
  • the impact of factors such as affordability and greater urban density.

Research areas

We help businesses and government agencies understand and adapt to trends affecting the building and construction industry. 

Materials market share and sizing

We analyse market share and sizing for different building materials. BRANZ sends out a quarterly materials survey to builders and designers to understand materials usage and trends, as well as questions designers commonly ask about using those materials.

Product demand forecasts

We forecast demand for products that businesses produce, sell or use in construction.

Whole-of-life and cost-benefit analysis

We carry out whole-of-life analysis to help businesses understand the costs and benefits of different building systems and products.

Workload forecasts and demand factors

We carry out workload forecasts and demand impact assessments. Our studies consider demand drivers including demographics, economic factors and government policy changes.

Client satisfaction surveys

We provide benchmarking information from our New House Owners' Satisfaction Survey to help builders understand client satisfaction at each stage of the build process. 

Impacts of policy changes

We can help organisations and government agencies to understand and measure how policy changes affect demand for construction services.

Performance benchmarking and measurement tools

We can provide performance benchmarking and measurement tools to help businesses record performance and create processes to improve it.

Enquire about economics research

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