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REBRI Resource Recovery Plasterboard: Onsite sorting, storage and processing (PDF)


Product Description

This guide provides good practice advice to maximise recovery rates for plasterboard waste from construction and demolition (C&D) sites. The guidelines cover the sorting of plasterboard, processing of plasterboard into crushed gypsum and paper and the storage of the raw and processed product on construction or demolition sites.

The aim is to assist the operators of mobile crushing plants to adopt practices that:

  • maximise the amount of plasterboard sorted from the landfill or cleanfill
  • minimise contamination or damage of the processed product
  • avoid or minimise environmental and nuisance effects from processing

This guideline covers:

  • finding good markets for crushed plasterboard
  • on-site versus centralised processing
  • setting up a mobile plant on site
  • operating a mobile crushing plant
  • testing and storage of crushed plasterboard
  • environmental, health and safety hurdles
  • resources and contacts
  • other guidelines in this series
Product Information
Publication date 1 March 2024
Author BRANZ
Product type Book
Availability Available
Product code BR019