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Providing feedback, information and data

BRANZ welcomes feedback, information and data to add to and improve the current resources in the framework.

Please note that, by providing data and information, you consent to BRANZ having the option of making the data publicly available.

Data on building products used in New Zealand

We regularly review the EPD Australasia website for new relevant EPDs. However, if you have good-quality LCA-based data for your materials/products and are interested in providing this to BRANZ, please email Dave Dowdell .

Data for reference buildings

BRANZ would like to develop more reference buildings in order to build up our reference building library. We are seeking recently designed and consented buildings that have been evaluated using LCAQuick. The identity of submitted reference buildings will be treated as confidential unless otherwise notified.

The types of information that BRANZ needs is:

  • completed LCAQuick assessment
  • consent documentation, including specification and drawings (ideally)
  • energy modelling report (if available)
  • contact name and details for the architect, structural engineer and energy modeller
  • confirmation from the client that BRANZ may use the building as a reference.

If you would like to submit details of a recently completed reference building to BRANZ, please email Dave Dowdell.

Information for datasheets

BRANZ is looking for activity or scenario data for inclusion in datasheets. This may include information about construction site waste generation rates by product and end-of-life routes (for waste at the construction site and at building end of life). Data should be supported with information about the underlying study used to obtain the data and source.

Please email Dave Dowdell with details of the data or information that you would like to submit for consideration for framework inclusion or to provide notification of data (in the case of large files).