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The Building Research Levy, through BRANZ Inc., allocates funds to assist students with outstanding academic credentials to undertake research in fields that are deemed to be of importance to the construction sector. Students must demonstrate how their project aligns with any of the nine themes in Building a Better New Zealand (BBNZ) Research Strategy for the Building and Construction Industry.
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Call for scholarship applications - Round 2015/2016

Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they hold New Zealand citizenship or permanent residence and have been accepted by an accredited New Zealand tertiary institution.

Successful candidates are expected to study full-time, unless otherwise agreed to by BRANZ.

Building a Better New Zealand (BBNZ) - The Research Strategy for the Building and Construction Industry identifies industry's nine priority topics, which each correspond to one of the 2017 strategic focus areas from the roadmap:

  • Better buildings
  • Materials performance
  • Maintaining and improving the performance of existing buildings
  • Sustainability
  • Automation, industrialisation and new technologies
  • Operating environment
  • Productivity
  • Meeting the housing needs of all New Zealanders
  • Building better cities and communities.

Further detail on each of the nine topics can be found in the BBNZ. BRANZ recommends that scholarship applicants read the BBNZ in full prior to preparing their application using the Scholarship Application Template.

Please also be advised of the following: 

  • No funding to an individual student for a course will exceed 3 years.
  • The research will be carried out in a New Zealand tertiary institution.
  • Award recipients will usually be required to liaise with BRANZ Group and meet reasonable technology transfer requests about their work. Applicants should be careful before seeking BRANZ investment that they will be able to meet the expectations of wide transfer to the building and construction sector of the results of their research.
  • A scholarship awarded under this scheme carries no connotation of employment by BRANZ Group during the period of the award or at its conclusion. 


Allocations at master's and PhD level will generally be: 

  • Master's - $20,000 in total for degree
  • Doctorate - $25,000 per year for up to 3years.

How to apply 

Applications are to be prepared using the guidelines provided in the Scholarship Application Template.

BRANZ operates a dual application timeframe, as follows: 

  • BRANZ officially accepts applications from now through to 6 December 2015 and will advise applicants of the outcome in December. 
  • BRANZ also accepts scholarship applications as they are received throughout the year. While BRANZ will consider out-of-cycle applications carefully, we envisage a sizeable proportion of the scholarship funding will be allocated in the August-November round, with instalments beginning in February of the following year. Applicants are therefore welcome to apply throughout the year but encouraged to apply within the call timeframe wherever possible to maximise their chances of success.
  • Candidates should ensure there is a month available to BRANZ for consideration before any closing date set by any co-funding agency. 

If your application is successful, you will also be required to submit a project plan indicating proposed milestones at which payments will be made, which must be agreed by BRANZ before the first payment is made. Progress against this plan will need to be certified by your supervisor and communicated to BRANZ through progress updates.

Where appropriate successful applicants will be introduced to an industry supervisor. This will give the successful applicant the opportunity to develop professional connections in their chosen research area, while helping to keep industry informed of their findings.

For further information or to submit your application contact or download brochure